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Transforming realities to create desirable futures, applying design thinking intersecting technology, business and people.

Since 2011 Echos have been developing learning experiences and consulting projects for people and organizations, accelerating the construction of what is technically challenging, financially scalable and, above all, desirable for people.

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We are part of the
Global Design Thinking Alliance

We are part of the Global Design Thinking Alliance, certified for our Design Thinking research and execution, connecting us with 15 countries and expanding possibilities in research and executing local teams.

global design thinking alliance

school of design thinking

We offer learning experiences, open courses and in company learning to develop new skills for innovation and creative leadership by Design and his specialities.

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innovation projects

We act as a consultancy agency specialized in strategic design, developing innovative business solutions, new services, strategies and products

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Open Innovation
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Design Acceleration
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Desirable Futures


the power of design

Design has evolved and expanded its horizons in recent years. If in the past, design was viewed as an area of responsible knowledge in dealing with the aesthetics of things, it is now becoming a strategic approach and path to solving any complex problem.

Design can create new desirable realities and futures. In this series on Design, you will discover the power of design and how we can design the world we want to live.

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Warm-up cards

Learn exclusive exercises to facilitate innovation sessions and break the ice in meetings


Design thinking toolkit

Design Thinking is an approach where we create solutions from a human-centred perspective.



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